about MS

Every good conversation starts with listening. And the more we listen to people living with MS, the more we hear that everyone has questions. While you may not have all the answers, asking questions about living with MS can help you and your doctor make better choices about your care plan.

We’ve heard your questions. So let’s talk about MS.

I feel fine. I can just skip that checkup with my doctor, right?

Although you may feel fine, there’s more to MS than symptoms and relapses.

Which symptoms are no big deal? Which ones should I pay attention to?

The symptoms of MS can be different for everyone. But with MS, all types of disease activity matter.

When it comes to relapses, how many is too many?

Any relapse can have a big impact on your life. That’s because it is a sign of MS activity.

I need to get an MRI. What is my doctor looking for?

MS may seem unpredictable, but knowing what is happening with your MS today can be very helpful to you and your doctor in the future. See how periodic MRIs may predict future MS activity.

I think I’m doing fine. But how do I know?

It's great that you want to better understand your MS. Your doctor can help you accurately track your MS with a special set of tests and tools.

I have PPMS. Is there additional information I should be aware of?

Whether you are newly diagnosed with PPMS, or have lived with the condition for a number of years, it's important for you to take a very active role in your own care.

My doctor always asks if I have any questions. I never know what to ask.

Sometimes, it’s hard to remember questions you want to ask your healthcare team. Here are some tips for talking with your doctor.

What else can I do?

Be your own advocate. Here’s how you can stay on top of all MS activity.




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